Hubig's Risograph Print , 2017 by Ralph McGinnis

Hubig's Risograph Print, 2017 by Ralph McGinnis

In 2012 Put A Egg On It editor Ralph McGinnis ate his last Hubig's apple pie, which had been sitting in his freezer in New York, when he heard about the fire that destroyed the Hubig's factory in New Orleans. The pies were a favorite in the city since 1922 – and Ralph’s preferred after-school snack as he walked home through the French Quarter. The fate of the company is still uncertain. All New Orleanians feel great love and pride over every locally-produced tradition — a sentiment that inspires Put A Egg On It to cover regional packaged food in every issue. Hubig’s was one of the first such products featured in the magazine. Below is the story from the 2nd issue of Put A Egg On It. 


At the corner store, up at the counter next to the giant jars of pickles, pickled eggs and pickled pig lips sat the box holding my favorite after school snack. If I was lucky, the Hubig’s man would walk in while I was browsing with his box of freshly fried pies up on his shoulder and I’d get first pick - usually apple, or sweet potato if it was in season. As I walked home, the sound of clamoring kids and a riverboat calliope fading in the distance, I’d rip open the crinkly glassine paper wrapping to ruin my dinner.

-Ralph McGinnis

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Ralph McGinnis