July 23rd, 2015

Comic: Ice Cream


–Greg Kirkorian


The term “salad days” is a little abstruse, but I have a feeling these are mine. It’s my first summer living on my own – my first time doing all of the things that the incubator-esque housing system at my college safeguards against (i.e. paying for food and lodging). And it has been marked by a distinct lack of green, both vegetal and fiscal. In the weeks leading up to my aunt’s wedding in Chicago, I look forward to it as my opportunity to go unapologetically all-out – to glory in the family maxim that states that ordinary eating outside one’s native zip code is impossible.

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June 2nd, 2015

Comic: Simple Syrup


–Greg Kirkorian

Shot by Sarah Keough at Good Eggs Brooklyn with Audrey Snyder.


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To celebrate our 10th issue we’re not only double-stuffed, we’re finally putting a egg on it! Put A Egg On It #10 is a feast of dishes such as Andy Warhol’s kitchen portraits of fabulous friends, Lars K. Huse’s charming illustrated guide to goat cheese on the Norwegian island of Håøya and Dustin Wayne Harris’s photos of First Date Cakes. Sarah Keough joins our New Orleans family for a festive pork stew dinner. Kati Krause and Mike Albo explore the connection between love, longing, obsession and food, Charles Graeber reminisces about cooking at a fading hotel on a Maine island while Danyel Smith tries to change her habitual cocktail. Other contributors include Chef Marcus Samuelsson, Jess Arndt, Nick Currie, Alica Forneret, Derek Van Gieson, Charlotte Dumortier, Panicha Imsomboon, Kelly Marages, Laurie Pike, Linda Simpson and Ding Ding Ho. We’ve got Illustrations, Tasty Tips and a whole section of Egg On It recipes!

May 27th, 2015

Comic: Jammin’

jammin–Greg Kirkorian

May 20th, 2015

Comic: Doughnuts


Welcome Greg Kirkorian to Put A Egg On It! He’ll be working with us this summer and will be treating us to weekly comics on the PAEOI blog. Come back next week for more.


Muddling: your trick to bringing out essential flavors in fruit and herbs. It’s also an essential part of any cocktail that incorporates fresh produce. Smashing berries into a juicy mash, releasing ginger’s juices, and mixing different cocktail ingredients into one pulp: the muddler is the Swiss army knife of bartending tools. We’ve had a chance to try out Arctic Chill’s model, a stellar and light-to-use spin on the cocktail tool. Read more »

January 7th, 2015

Micro Review: The Chef Says…


2015 means new resolutions, and well over 30 percent of Americans resolved to lose weight, with help from exercise and eating better. But what about cooking better? Making that millet and kale cleanse into something you actually want to uphold for the entire year comes down to great preparations.

The Chef Says, a consortium of chef quotes compiled by Nach Waxman and Matt Sartwell of Kitchen Arts & Letters, provides the motivation and inspiration to cook better this year.

In the adrenaline-swept, hot kitchen, chefs and cooks don’t have a chance to speak their minds. A diversion for chit-chat can send the kitchen staff down in flames, and if I’ve learned anything from interviews, it’s to not ask about cooking temperatures while a chef’s in front of a scalding range.

When they do get to talk, you can expect chefs to wax poetic on their craft. The Chef Says is a collection of quips ranging from Ancient Greece to the implications of modern molecular gastronomy. Each page offers a chef’s strong opinions, from meat eating to media. The snippets offer all of the arrogance, paranoia, aggression and creativity in the life of a chef. Whatever the sentiment, the book has the passion a chef’s life follows.

Here’s some of our favorite bites of inspiration for 2015:

“You don’t want a piece of liver that looks like a couch, so why should your chocolate cake look like a cuckoo clock?” -Wayne Harley Brachman

“Always entertain the possibility that something, no matter how squiggly and scary looking, might just be good.” -Anthony Bourdain

“As a chef you are likely to feel a lot of pressure, working from early morning to late at night and not really getting paid for it, but you keep doing it because you love it. You feel nobody understands you, and tattoos are one of the ways you try and communicate with the world outside, saying ‘I’m a chef. I’m a badass!’” -Kobe Desramaults

“This is the great challenge: To maintain passion for the everyday routine and the endlessly repeated act, to derive deep gratification from the mundane.” -Thomas Keller

“You must think like a child with the eyes of a chef, open and naïve. Never say something doesn’t work or is impossible to do.” -Juan Mari Arzak

-Tommy Werner

December 17th, 2014

The Cake Project – New Orleans


We had an amazing trip to New Orleans for our ongoing tour project, If I Knew You Were Coming, I’d Have Baked a Cake. For a week, we spent the days interviewing local chefs, elementary school kids, artists, and a girl with a really, really lousy breakup history. In exchange for their stories, we cooked them a meal. On the last full day of our interviews, we celebrated with a party at Antenna Gallery, our host venue. Here’s what happened.

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